Redeemer Lutheran
Church and School

An ELEA and Middle States Accredited Elemetary School
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Are Lutheran schools racially and ethnically inclusive?
Lutheran schools most often reflect the culture and ethnicity of their surrounding communities. One-third of the students in Lutheran elementary and secondary schools are persons of color.

Do you have to be Lutheran to attend a Lutheran school?
Many children in Lutheran schools are not Lutheran. They are enrolled because parents seek a safe, high quality education in a Christian environment.

How large is the average Lutheran school?
Lutheran elementary schools average enrollments of 250 - 300 students. Redeemer Lutheran strives for smaller classes to enhance the education of your child and 200 students is the norm.

Are Lutheran schools expensive?
Lutheran schools work hard in making tuition affordable for the greatest number of families. We have many opportunities for the parents to fundraise and offset tuition increases.

Does the school offer extra-curricular activities?
Absolutely! basketball, cheerleading, choir, guitar lessons, literary magazine, performing arts, piano lessons, softball, soccer, stage crew, student council, track, visual arts, vocal lessons, and yearbook.

What is the Schools mascot?
The Roadrunner

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“Why Choose Redeemer Lutheran School for My Child?”

“Redeemer prepares my children not only academically to face the future; the Christ-centered educational approach prepares them to be loving, well-rounded examples of His servanthood in action.”

“Caring, extremely dedicated teachers are rooted in the Word of God.”

“Excellent on-site extended care.”

“My children receive an education that is rooted in a Christian foundation, based on strong academic standards, and taught by a caring, experienced and well-educated faculty.”

“The environment is conducive to learning and allows for personal growth and development on different academic levels.” 

“Rules are enforced and discipline is maintained.”

“Class sizes are managed at levels effective for high quality learning.”

“The campus physical plant is well-maintained and clean.”

“In addition to academic programs, opportunities are offered to participate in organized athletics including basketball, cross country, flag football, volleyball, and softball as well as choir, and scouting.”

“Christ-centered teachers – focused on loving and caring for our children as well as teaching them.”

“C.O.R.A. Services offers special education support for special needs on-site.”

“Foreign language in Kindergarten through 8th grade: Spanish.”

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Redeemer Lutheran Church and School - A Christian Elementary School serving kindergarten through eighth grade
Middle States
Evangelical Lutheran Education Association ELEA Accredited
3212 Ryan Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19136 Phone 215-624-6446

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