Redeemer Lutheran
Church and School

An ELEA and Middle States Accredited Elemetary School
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Parent - Teacher Association Officers
2007 - 2008

President                                                 Mr. Mark Burrows
Vice-President                                                     ................................
Secretary                                                   Mrs. Coleen Mitchell
Treasurer                                                Mrs. Marilyn Elwell
Business Manager                                                                                          Mrs. E. Sandra Ault
Faculty Representative                                                                                   Mrs. Sharon Domer
Head Class Parent Chair                                                                              Mrs. Bridget Peters
Lunch Program Chair Mrs. Sharon Faraldo
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Redeemer Lutheran Church and School - A Christian Elementary School serving kindergarten through eighth grade
Middle States
Evangelical Lutheran Education Association ELEA Accredited

Fundraising Know How
Well, we are off and running towards our goal of 40,000 The Walk-A-Thon was a true success not only in monies raised but the spirit generated through fellowship with one another. With the rallying point of our children remaining as the sole focus we continue to work towards the final goal. Please support the parents above; YOUR P.T.A., as they work for a bright future for Redeemer!

Please take a look below at further fundraising opportunities for the Redeemer Lutheran School.
Fundraising Thermometer
3212 Ryan Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19136 Phone 215-624-6446

As simple as changing your search engine. For every search made from your computer the company gives our charity; Redeemer Lutheran Church and School (Philadelphia, PA) ID: 863477,  1 cent. While that may not seem like a lot 100 people at 2 searches a day yields $730 Just imagine our possibilities.

School Closing and Weather Announcments